Fukushima Daiichi – Exposing the Greatest Cover-Up Of Our Time

Amid the deafening silence from both world leaders and main stream media the situation at Fukushima Daiichi remains critical and highly unpredictable. Governments and pro nuclear apologists the world over would have us believe the huge radiation releases from all four reactors is harmless and poses no threat whatsoever to health. Likewise, any one attempting to confront or question the official line can now find themselves facing the risk of being criminalised. Never since the dark ages in our history has information, research, or critical analysis posed such a threat to be classed as illegal. As citizens of the world now is the time to demand the truth. The children of Fukushima are being exposed to abnormal radiation exposure on a daily basis. Now is the time wake up. Together we must act and demand the truth.

The Cesium fallout from Fukushima rivals That Of Chernobyl

An analysis of MEXT’s data by New Scientist shows just how elevated the levels are. After the 1986 Chernobyl accident, the most highly contaminated areas were defined as those with over 1490 kilobecquerels (kBq) of caesium per square metre. Produce from soil with 550 kBq/m2 was destroyed.

People living within 30 kilometres of the plant have evacuated or been advised to stay indoors. Since 18 March, MEXT has repeatedly found caesium levels above 550 kBq/m2 in an area some 45 kilometres wide lying 30 to 50 kilometres north-west of the plant. The highest was 6400 kBq/m2, about 35 kilometres away, while caesium reached 1816 kBq/m2 in Nihonmatsu City and 1752 kBq/m2 in the town of Kawamata, where iodine-131 levels of up to 12,560 kBq/m2 have also been measured


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